5 Blogs in Other Countries

I visited five blogs from countries that weren’t my own. Below are my comments on each of their blogs asking them questions about their food, songs, stories or clothing of their country, as well as the link to each of their blogs.

  1. On http://charlottem35kns.edublogs.org: Wow! New Zealand sounds like a really amazing country! I love visiting other countries with interesting food. Why is your sweet-lemonade drink called L and P? I live in the United States, and we have a lot of weird food. If you want, you can check out my blog at https://lila2016mds.edublogs.org
  2. On http://oliviaglca.edublogs.org: Portugal sounds like such an interesting place to live! I love all of the cool places you wrote about in your post. What are some customs that you do in Portugal? What kind of food do you normally eat? If you want, you can visit my blog at https://lila2016mds.edublogs.org.
  3. On https://lifestylegurl.wordpress.com: Hi Emmalie! I live in California, so I thought it really cool that you wanted to visit here. I’ve been to New York and I’m going to Paris this summer, but I’ve never been to Athens and always wanted to. I’ve wanted to go to Ireland, too. What’s it like in Ireland? How is the food different from other places in the world? If you want, you can visit my blog at https://lila2016mds.edublogs.org
  4. On http://ssml10.blogspot.com: Hi Carlos! I like your post. I was wondering a little bit about what life is like in Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico, but my dad lived there for five and a half years when he was a kid (he was born in Argentina, then moved to Mexico, and then went to the US). What is the food like in Mexico? What are some customs you have? If you want, you can check out my blog at https://lila2016mds.edublogs.org
  5. On https://medina4president.wordpress.com: Hi! I really like this post, it had a lot of information and was easy to understand. I think it’s really cool that you live in Norway. I’ve always wanted to visit Norway but never have before. What is it like to live in Norway? Do you have any special customs or traditions that you do there? What sort of food do you eat? If you’d like, you can check out my blog at https://lila2016mds.edublogs.org

Popular in My Country

One place that sells very popular food/drinks in the United States is Starbucks. Starbucks offers a variety of baked goods (muffins, cake pops, coffee cake, etc.), as well as many different drinks. They have frappuccinos, cappachinos, latte macchiatos, you name it! Anything with coffee in it they probably have. Their menu also includes hot chocolate, iced tea, etc.. While Starbucks has been around since March 30, 1971, it’s become increasingly popular in the last decade. In New York City, there’s a Starbucks on nearly every single block. Starbucks is a incredibly popular place in my country to get food/drinks, because it’s convenient for people, has a really nice atmosphere, and has really good pastries, coffee, etc.. While it isn’t very popular to have Starbucks every day, I love getting a frappuccino or a cake pop every once in a while!

To learn more about Starbucks and the things on it’s menu, visit http://www.starbucks.com

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Where I Would Love to Visit and Why

A place that I would love to visit is definitely England. I’ve been to England before, but there’s something that’s just so mysterious and amazing about it that makes me want to go back to England again and again and again. Here are the three main reasons why I would love to visit there:

  1. The TEA. Though I can’t go on about loving British dinners and such (they’re mostly just steak and other pub food), I find it a real shame that we don’t have high tea here in America! Tea is amazing, and one of the main reason I love England. While I drink lots and lots of tea here in the US, it’s really not the same as having a lovely afternoon tea in Great Britain. They have so many different types of tea, all coupled with beautiful teacups! Not to mention the adorable little sandwiches, teeny tines cakes, and the best: fresh scones with clotted cream (not butter!) and jam. It may seem like I’m being a bit picky, but to me, this is my ideal English tea and pretty much a constant craving.
  2. The atmosphere. Though it’s unpredictable, I simply LOVE the English weather. And the spontinaity just keeps you on your toes! I remember three years ago, when I first visited London with my parents and brother. We were walking around town, heading to lunch or something like that, and it was a relatively nice and sunny day. Then all of a sudden, and in the blink of an eye, the heavens opened up and it started pouring! We didn’t have raincoats, umbrellas, or anything. Luckily, there was an overhang that we could duck under until it died down a bit. And because it rains randomly all the time, there are flowers and ferns everywhere, from cracks in the sidewalk to full fields, unlike the disappointingly dry California.
  3. The theatre. Specifically, the GLOBE theatre!! If you read my about page, you know that I am a Shakespeare nut and love watching, reading, and performing in his plays. Well, if you don’t already know, Shakespeare was British, and his theatre (the Globe) is in London! So if I traveled to England I could go to the Globe theatre and watch some Shakespeare plays in the very place Shakespeare once performed over four hundred years ago! How crazy is that?!

And that’s it! There are many, many reason why I would love to travel to England, the most important being the ones listed above. Although, another favorite is the awesome British accents everyone on that side of the pond seems to have! England is a magical and fantastic place and I wish I was there right now!

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Vanilla Cupcakes

Last Friday, March 18th, I decided to make vanilla cupcakes with a couple of my friends. Now, cupcakes are one of my favorite things to make, and my favorite cake flavor is vanilla, so I decided to make vanilla on vanilla cupcakes. I’ve baked a lot before, but I usually don’t bake with other people. So it was a little bit different having three people in the kitchen instead of one.

Once we got started though, it was a lot of fun to make the cupcakes. We had all of the ingredients and measuring cups and spoon out on the counter, as well as a big old electric mixing bowl. We started by making the cupcake batter, which was relatively easy to make and DELICIOUS to taste (honestly, I’m surprised the cupcake batter even made it into the oven). We lined the cupcake pan with liners, filled them up, and put them in the oven to rise into beautiful vanilla cupcakes!

After we had done the cake part of the cupcakes, it was time for the next step: the frosting. The vanilla frosting that I like to make is thick and rich, using cream cheese frosting (with cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla) in addition to whipped cream. The thing is, in order to make the frosting, the three of us had to whip the cream in the electric mixing bowl, scoop it out into a different bowl, clean out the electric mixing bowl, make the cream cheese frosting in the electric bowl, and then fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese frosting. It wasn’t that complicated of a frosting, but it had to be done quickly, or the cream we whipped would collapse and not be able to go into the frosting.

With the cupcakes in the oven, we started the hurried process of making the vanilla frosting. We whipped the cream, exchanged the bowls, and it was all going pretty well until we had to make the cream cheese frosting. By this time, I was getting pretty stressed, running around the kitchen in a hurry to make the frosting on time, and trying not to forget the vanilla cupcakes in the oven (that were almost done at this point). We felt like we were on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen! We put in the cream cheese, and the vanilla, and then the powdered sugar. And I, being the crazed baker I am, immediately cranked up the mixer to full speed without thinking, hoping to mix the frosting faster. If you’ve ever baked before, you know that the three of us were instantly engulfed in a cloud of powdered sugar that went everywhere. But we had no time to panic! We quickly added in what (we hoped) was powdered sugar equal to the amount we had lost, grabbed the whipped cream, and began folding it into the cream cheese frosting.

I’m happy to report that the frosting turned out great, the cupcakes were almost perfect when they came out of the oven, and my friend Daniela cleaned up the powdered sugar (because she’s amazing and I’m lazy). We had a super fun time piping the icing onto the cupcakes, and everyone agreed that they were delicious. My only regret is that we didn’t make more!


The Comment Heard Round the World

To have my comments heard around the world, I commented on four blog posts. Here are the four that I commented on:

  1. The first blog that I visited was Sariah’s blog. I visited her blog because I saw that she enjoys reading and writing like I do, so I thought that we would have a lot in common. I commented on her “Chores???” Post. Here is my comment.

I think this was a really good post that made a good point from both sides of the argument. Instead of focusing mainly on one point and then adding a few lines about the other side of the story at the end, you talked about both the benefits and disadvantages of paying kids to do chores. In my household, we are expected to do chores and help out around the house. We also get allowance every week. However, the allowance isn’t linked to the chores, they’re two separate things. We do the chores around the house just because we know we need to help out around the house, not because we know we’ll be rewarded for it. What is your household system around chores?


  1. The second blog I visited was Olivia’s blog. I decided to visit her blog because she lives in Portugal, which I thought was really cool, as I’ve never been to Portugal before. I also saw that she likes baking, just like me. I commented on her “I am…” post. Here is my comment.

I really like your poem! It was simple, but it was a calm poem and I think the flow of it was really nice and not too rushed. It also helped find out a little bit of who you are (where you’re from, the things you enjoy doing, etc.). It’s so cool that you live in Portugal! I also saw that you enjoy baking. I do, too! What kind of things do you bake? Do you have a favorite thing to bake?


  1. The third blog I went to was Drew’s blog. The reason I went to her blog was because she said that she liked acting (as I do), and not that many people on the edublogs list said that acting was one of their hobbies. I commented on her “the wishes” post. It was a really interesting post! Here is my comment.

I really like this post! I like how it started out really light and happy, with the the birthdays and the wishing on candles and shooting stars and dandelions. Then when you said that you wonder if your wishes will come true, I could relate, because whenever I wish on something I always wonder if maybe it could actually come true. Then it kind of takes a turn and becomes more foreboding when you say that not all things you wish for may be good. At the end, it felt like you were giving a warning about what you wish for. I thought the tone of this post was really good and I like how the mood switched from light to dark really quickly. Good job!


  1. The fourth and final blog I visited was Laurel’s blog. I visited Laurel’s blog because I noticed that her hobbies were cheerleading and horseback riding. I’ve never done cheerleading, and I’ve only gone horseback riding a few times, so I thought it would be interested to read the blog of someone who has very different interests from me. I commented on her “who I am” post. Here is my comment.

Hi Laurel! I’m also 13. When I was little, my family would go every spring to a dude ranch and everyone would go horseback riding. When I was really little, I wasn’t old enough to ride the horses, so I got to go on pony rides! I haven’t gone horseback riding in a long time though. What do you like about horseback riding? That’s really cool that you go hunting! What do you hunt? I’ve never been hunting before. I love Paris too, and Netflix. How long have you been cheerleading for? I really like your blog!

My Avatar

This is my avatar. When creating my avatar, I basically tried to make it look as much  like me as possible. Like my avatar, I have curly/wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I made my avatar wear jeans with a t-shirt and converse, because that’s pretty much what I wear all the time (I love to be comfortable). As I mentioned in my About Me post, I love to baking and I love eating baked goods, so I had my avatar holding a blueberry muffin. It looked like a really good muffin, too! As I also said in my About Me page, I really enjoy listening to music. So I put an iPod in my avatars’s hand, because I’m always listening to music (mostly Taylor Swift). Overall, I think my avatar does a good job at representing who I am physically and some of the things I enjoy doing.


Of Mice and Men Character Prompt

In Chapter 2, there are many different sets of personal belongings that we see in Chapter 2. The men that live in the bunk all have little necessary belongings in their shelves, such as soap, talcum powder, razors, magazines, medicines, vials, combs, and neckties. No one has anything super extravagant, it’s only the little things that they need to get by from day to day. When George unpacks he has the same few but important things: razor, soap, comb, pills, liniment, leather wristband. However, you can tell that Lennie and George’s new boss has a more extravagant lifestyle. When they meet him, he’s wearing high-heeled boots and spurs (along with trousers, a flannel shirt, a vest, and a coat) to prove that he’s above the people that work for him. The boss’s son, also showing that he’s higher, wears high-heeled boots like his dad. Candy, the old swamper, is by no means extravagant. He carries a broom and is old an tired. However, he has a belonging that neither George nor Lennie nor any of the other men have: a dog. The dog, while not necessarily proving any sort of high social status, is a companion for the old man that the others don’t have the benefit of.

I think that the different belongings in this chapter shows the different statuses of the men. The small necessities of the bunk men and Lennie and George are all they have, and show that they are poor and can’t afford much. The dog shows that while Candy isn’t necessarily richer or higher than the other men, he has something they don’t have and therefore is probably segregated a bit from them. The fancier clothes of the boss and his son show that they are not of the working class: they are higher up on the social ladder.


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